Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Dixon Golf balls eco-friendly?

Dixon Golf balls have multiple eco-friendly attributes. First, the core of the golf ball is compounded of heavy earth salts as opposed to heavy metal fillers. Second, the cover is an elastodynamic polyurethane material. This changes the properties of the polymer to be organic and allows the polymer to be broken down. Third, the packaging for all Dixon golf balls is SEC certified bond paper and 100% recycled Kraft paper.

Are Dixon Golf balls biodegradable?

No, they are not biodegradable. Although, Dixon golf balls do reduce the carbon footprint because natural compounds, such as rock salt, are used that are not as harsh on the environment.

How does Dixon Golf recycle golf balls?

Dixon has a variety of recycling efforts in place as well as partnerships that enhance the recycling process. Dixon partners with recycling centers that break down the contents of the ball to be used for sports fields and athletic tracks. Furthermore, Dixon heavily contributes to programs that reutilize golf balls for science experiments, art projects and youth golf programs/training.

Are your golf balls really high-performance?

Yes. The Dixon Earth golf ball outperformed the Nike One Platinum, Callaway Tour ix and Titleist Pro V1, in independent testing by PGA TOUR Partners Club, and received an incredible 92% Approval Rating. Dixon Golf balls are USGA approved.

Where can I buy your golf balls?

Our golf balls are only sold on the official web-site.

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