What are they saying?

We have worked with Dixon for many years and they seem to get better each time. I love what they do for us and golf.
- Thomas P, MD 6/23/2019

What a fantastic addition to our outing! The Dixon representatives were engaging and informative. We already booked them for our next golf outing!
- Holly D, IL 6/23/2019

Rick and Alyssa were great on event day! Thank you for all your support until the event and throughout the event. I look forward to working with you again!
- Jessie E, WI 6/22/2019

Your representatives showed a lot of concern and support for our tournament and charity. Thank you. See you next year! Dale
- Dale G, VA 6/22/2019

You guys are great! You added fun to the outing and we made money. Thanks
- Tom M, IL 6/22/2019

We were so grateful for how easily the whole process went. Denise was awesome, and when she gave us the Certificate and let us know there was 100% participation, we were stoked! The donation check showed up barely a week later! Great working with Dixon!
- Dancine T, HI 6/20/2019

As usual, we enjoyed having Dixon at our event to provide fun games and our attendees had a great time!! Gaje (Joy) is awesome and I want her every year!!!!!!
- Danielle H, OR 6/20/2019

We appreciate the partnership with Dixon Golf. Thanks for participating at this year tournament.
- Juanita F, SC 6/18/2019

This was our second year with Dixon Golf. It was better this year than last. Rick was a great representative for the company. We will go with the par 5 challenge next year.
- Scott S, IN 6/17/2019

Thank you for another great year! Hope you guys will come back next year!
- Keith S, KY 6/17/2019

Dixon Golf is a great addition to our tournament. It was fantastic to learn of the products available as an added attraction for golfers at our tournament. Very professional and I feel Justin went above and beyond working with our group. We look forward with Dixon Golf being part of our tournament next year
- Jeff B, WV 6/17/2019

The ladies that helped me were great. Denise is a phenomenal help. My players enjoyed the challenge and the gifts. We really appreciate everything that was done to help us.
- Tabitha P, OH 6/17/2019

Celeste was awesome and we are very grateful for the help provided.
- David J, UT 6/14/2019

Michelle was great! glad we moved the two prize holes together. Closest to the pin and Dixon challenge. Only problem was the Dixon handouts got wet and ruined in a mighty rain shower about 4pm. Was a great addition to our best ever golf tournament!
- Robin S, NC 6/12/2019

Always a pleasure to have Dixon Golf at our fund raiser tournament!
- Kristi c, CA 6/12/2019

What a great appearance Melanie was for Dixon at the outing as friendly and outgoing to all the golfers. Everyone loved the games and we had fun and made money and that all we wanted. Look forward to next year. Thanks for being a part of out great experience.
- Ray S, NJ 6/11/2019

Both reps were wonderful and did a great job!
- Ross H, TN 6/11/2019

Can't remember the young gentleman's name who was running the par 3 game, but he is a great asset to your company and I would like to have him back next year at our tournament
- Rick B, CA 6/11/2019

This is a very professional organization. We are very satisfied with their contribution to our event.
- Melanie C, NJ 6/11/2019

I so appreciated all the support I received from Joe Gonzalez. He was a great help and encouragement. Thank you!
- Penny H, WY 6/11/2019

Staff had excellent pre/post event followup. We really enjoyed their support
- Jeff C, IL 6/10/2019

I'm big on communication, punctuality, and follow through, and you guts get an "A" on all of those details. Thank you very much, and we hope to see you next year. Ruben Espinoza Tournament Director
- Ruben , AZ 6/10/2019

This was the 3rd year we have had Dixon Golf at our tournament, and they never disappoint. The reps were very personable. They did a fantastic job. Thank you for coming to our tournament again this year. Hope to see you next year.
- Sandy R, NY 6/10/2019

The guys were wonderful! I was afraid our tournament would be two small and they said we had an average size and were pleased. Thank you for coming out!
- Jessica J, IA 6/10/2019

We had one local sports show host of radio sign up for our tourney and once reading the flyer that Dixon was involved, he pulled his foursome out. That's the only negative feedback we've heard, in fact, Lou Piniella enjoyed the gifts and the added aspect to our tourney. Thanks to Amanda's diligence. Gary Kane, Clearwater Bombers Legacy Project
- Gary K, FL 6/10/2019

Great company. Well organized. Really showed up and took care of business with little guidance from me. Managing a tournament with close to 150 golfers is a huge task. Dixon Reps made it so easy going. Can't wait until next year!
- Vernon E, TN 6/10/2019

The Dixon representative who came out to present the challenges to the golfers was amazing. He was very friendly and professional. I would recommend him for any tournament. Thanks again for your support!
- Pamela C, NC 6/10/2019

Heather was amazing to have out there to support the event. She’s lively and personable, and it was a fun side-game for everyone to enjoy on top of all the days events. I will be in contact with her next year to sponsor our event once again. I appreciate all the help and hospitality.
- Adam B, KY 6/10/2019

Thank you for partnering with Teen Challenge! We appreciate your support.
- Ian U, NV 6/10/2019

Dixon Golf definitely added value to our tournament. Fun challenges, cool prizes, and great representatives.
- Andy M, MD 6/7/2019

The Dixon golf challenge is a huge hit with our annual tournament. Thank you again for attending.
- Ed C, WV 6/4/2019

Jen, Ross and Sam were so great to work with! Very attentive and knowledgeable about the event! This was our second year having Dixon Golf challenges and what a success! Such an added enhancement to our tourney, that all of our golfers enjoyed! We can't wait for 2020, thank you!!!
- Amanda F, NH 6/4/2019

The golfers enjoyed the two young men.
- Ms. B, AL 6/4/2019

Dylan was great to work with and really made a positive impression on our 25th Annual Event. We are hoping that this will be a great kick off and expand for the next coming years. We were also excited to here that Dixon was recruited to another local tournament by one of our attendees. I'd say that is a HUGE testimonial in itself! Thanks Dixon!
- Tonia G, NE 6/4/2019

Denise Anderson and Jason Crane from Dixon Golf here in Hawaii are absolutely wonderful to work with. They promoted us at the golf course from beginning to end, providing fun games and unbelievably spectacular prizes for our participants. In addition, they gave us money that they raised on our behalf throughout the day. We held our 2nd Annual Golf Classic this year. Dixon Golf assisted us last year as well. I look forward to working with them again next year!
- Jo B, HI 6/3/2019

It was a pleasure having Dixon at our event. Good communication up until the time of the tournament. It seems that all the golfers that participated enjoyed the challenge and Bruce and the staff were great. Looking forward to it again next year
- Deputy Bill W, MO 6/3/2019

Chris Bassett and Chris England did an AMAZING job! EVERYONE commented on how much fun the Dixon holes were!! Thanks for hooking us up with all the goodies, swag and dinero! You guys rock and I hope we can work with you again in the future!
- Nora , CA 6/3/2019

Both Diane and Mike did an excellent job and we will have both Challenges back again next year for our event.
- Bob R, GA 5/30/2019

We have heard from a number of participants how much fun the event was. Thank you so much!
- Linda DeJong-Head C, AL 5/30/2019

Dixon golf again did a great job for our fundraising tournament. They correspond early and often prior to the tournament, show up on time for tournament day, bring out plenty of prizes for players, and follow up post tournament with details. Great job as always. Bill H
- Bill H, CA 5/30/2019

DIxon added a fun and unique flavor to the tournament this year! We appreciate the communication prior to the event and the donation that Dixon made back to support our organization.
- Graham D, SC 5/29/2019

The individuals were very prompt, explained the games well, and represented your brand very well. This is the second year that they have been present and we are likely to have them back again next year!
- Devon C, PA 5/29/2019

Wendy was very good, helpful, and I would certainly like to bring Dixon back next year.
- Bill W, VA 5/29/2019

Amanda has been fantastic every year for our event. Keep up the great work, see you next year!
- Robert Norberg C, FL 5/29/2019

The Dixon Golf experience was great. As the outing chair, I did not have to worry about the execution of the games. My golfers had only positive reaction to the Dixon Challenges. It would be nice if the percentage of return was larger to the fundraiser.
- Jamie P, IL 5/29/2019

Katherine was very friendly and we appreciated her attending the event! Would love to have her again next year. Thanks!!
- Pam H, MO 5/29/2019

Thanks for sending out 2 wonderful representatives. The golfers appreciated Dixon's participation and enjoyed the competitions. Brian DV
- Brian D, MI 5/29/2019

Dan Williams from Dixon Golf did a wonderful job at our charity golf event and we will have Dixon Golf back at our next event. All the players enjoyed the games and prizes. Randy Miles - Executive Director, Diann Shaddox Foundation for Essential Tremor. www.diannshaddoxfoundation.org Aiken, SC.
- Randy M, SC 5/29/2019

It worked out great.
- Ed C, WA 5/28/2019

We si appreciated you assisting in our event ... rain and all!
- Todd C, CA 5/28/2019

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