What are they saying?

great support from the Dixon onsite team
- John A. M, VA 11/30/2018

Despite the chilly and on and off rain, our Dixon representatives (Tyler- main guy) were fantastic and had such a positive attitude! We will for sure have you guys back next year. Thank you for helping us raise money for our organization!
- Amanda S, AL 11/26/2018

We are grateful for your partnership in this charitable event. The success you help us to attain will benefit hundreds of less fortunate and catholic men journeying to priesthood.
- Bill H, FL 11/20/2018

We appreciate you being a part of our event. Thank you for coming.
- Sharron , AZ 11/19/2018

The Dixon staff was on time this year, and that is very much appreciated by me as the tournament Director. Thank you, JJ
- Jim J, CA 11/19/2018

Great organization and the staff is first rate. Have been helping us to raise funds for research to help children with Cancer and can always be relied upon to be front and center. See you next year!
- Cornel S, CA 11/19/2018

Thank you for being a part of our event. I think the golfers were having a great time and enjoyed your product.
- Dana B, NC 11/15/2018

I have two charity golf tournament a year and Dixon has been a great part of those tournaments for several years. I have also referred to friends who have tournaments. Your reps are always pleasant and great to work with. Joe Carney
- Joe C, VA 11/7/2018

Thank you for all the help, couldn’t have done it without your help
- David T, CA 11/6/2018

From the first phone call I made to Dixon Golf all the way through to receiving the final check, the reps I worked with were all very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. I believe that Dixon added value and interest to the Golf Tournament, gave players value for their donation, and added $ 174 net profit to the funds we raised that day. I would definitely use Dixon Golf again.
- Maureen W, GA 11/5/2018

Great turnout, thank you
- David B, TX 11/3/2018

Our Dixon Rep was AMAZING for the Putting Fore Palmetto Place tournament on October 22nd in Columbia, SC! Thank you!
- Kendra M, SC 11/2/2018

Very delightful experience especially after the last year.
- Victor M, TX 10/30/2018

this is the 3rd year we have partnered with Dixon and they are great partners.
- Jim L, GA 10/30/2018

Dixon is great. Thanks Karen for sending out Matt and Nelson! This was our second year with Dixon and we definitely will want you back again next year! Thanks again.
- Lisa W, FL 10/30/2018

"Thank you for your efforts in making our 1st Scramble a success. Players liked the extra games and those that won, LOVED the prizes. Thanks again for the help and support. We will definitely use Dixon again!
- Rich K, PA 10/29/2018

Jen Faucon was my point of contact and she came to the tournament. She was fantastic to deal with.
- Kelly , RI 10/29/2018

Crystal was very professional in the way the Dixon Challenge was conducted. We were pleased to have her and her daughter to be there conducting these challenges and to help raise donations to our charities.
- Billy K, MS 10/29/2018

This was my first experience with Dixon golf, and all I can do is wonder why I waited so long. Regards, Denise Castonguay
- Denise C, NH 10/29/2018

Thank you for helping to make our tournament successful. We were very happy with everything that Dixon was involved with. I look forward to doing it again next year, the first Saturday of October. Barry Smith Kentlake HS Golf
- Barry S, WA 10/25/2018

we are so thankful for Dixon Golf coming! so much good feedback from having them their! thank you so much
- Stephanie L K, WI 10/24/2018

Tyler was awesome, very professional....we will be having them back next year! Erik Hudson Director of Hockey
- Erik H, AL 10/23/2018

can not thank you enough will pass letter and info at our meeting this Thursday night
- Bob M, FL 10/23/2018

This was our first time incorporating Dixon Golf in our tournaments 13 year history. Many of our participants were happy with the challenges and the prizes. Thank you so much for partnering with us!!
- Harold C, TN 10/23/2018

Great way to add value to the tournament with very little work on our end. Thank you
- Carol M, FL 10/23/2018

Matt was fantastic! Although, we did not raise nearly the amount we had hoped for, everyone truly enjoyed Matt! Also, Brandon was amazing to work with. With his busy sched. and last minute notice, he truly made us a top priority. Thank you guys again!
- Krystal N, IN 10/22/2018

I promote our experience with Jeff and Lisa every opportunity I can. Using Dixon Earth ball regularly. Thanks to Jeff and Lisa for all their support and positivity throughout the process.
- Fred G, GA 10/17/2018

It was no fault of the Dixon Staff, but we had very poor participation probably related to weather issues and shorten tournament to 9 holes.
- Jerry F, TN 10/17/2018

Dixon representatives were very helpful and took care of all their program.
- David L, SC 10/16/2018

This is our third year partnering with Dixon Golf and we have been very satisfied each year. Thank you for the support and professional representatives that we have worked with.
- Dee S, GA 10/16/2018

In running a golf tournament it becomes overwhelming on the day of. Dixon golf not only added to our tournament drawings and skill contests, the representative ran the entire thing. It was an easy and effective way to earn more charity event money and add a new challenge to our annual event!
- Bill O, HI 10/15/2018

Dixon Golf I’d like to thank you for your professionalism throughout before, during and after our event, I will definitely pass the word along and will consider using you again thanks for everything Randy Tamayo Biskids tournament director
- Randy T, CA 10/15/2018

Thanks so much Scott! You were awesome leading up to and the day of the tournament. And thank you to your other staffer at the par-3 (I can't remember her name). We're so happy to be able to donate this money to advertising students around the state. Looking forward to working with you again next year!
- Dustin F, ID 10/15/2018

Everyone said the games were a nice touch and added to the fun for the day. And the Club made a few bucks as well. Karl B. Rutherford NJ Rotary Club
- Karl B, NJ 10/15/2018

Great Job once again! looking forward to next year.
- Eloy R, TX 10/15/2018

Thanks a lot for Dixon Golf helping with the tournament. I feel like everyone had a great experience and appreciate Jay and Alex for doing this. I look forward to teaming up with Dixon Golf in future scrambles. Thanks very much Tommy Brown with Graford Ex Students⛳️
- Tommy B, TX 10/15/2018

Thank you, Dixon Golf, for being a part of our tournament year after year!
- Stasi C, CO 10/14/2018

Dixon Golf was Awesome! This was the first time we had Dixon Golf at our event . It totally help our event reach a new level . Thanks again Richy Procter Stony Point, NY Rockland County Correction Officers
- Rich P, NY 10/13/2018

Nereida and Megan were excellent representatives and we had a great time at the tournament - see you all next year!
- Susan T, TX 10/8/2018

Everything was great, Thanks
- jordan f, AL 10/8/2018

Our turnout this year was much smaller than last year but the support by Dixon was the same as before - MUCH Appreciated ! Bill Reiber
- Bill R, OH 10/8/2018

Great representative.
- Frank J, AL 10/8/2018

Dixon golf does a great job. I am not a golfer and know little about golf so their doing everything was great. Thanks s lot for helping our charity. Anne Lynch
- Anne L, MA 10/8/2018

Dixon Golf gave our event that extra something special! Vincent Gordon Tau Gamma Gamma Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
- Vincent G, NC 10/8/2018

It was great having Dixon out again this year. Pulled it all together on short notice for us. We appreciate the support we've received from Dixon over the years as we raise funds for our scholarships. Thank you again
- Dirk N, CA 10/8/2018

A professional experience.
- Vince Z, ID 10/4/2018

Scott was great at communicating his role, what was expected of me, and took care of all the details. I received positive feedback from golf teams that the Dixon games were fun and engaging. The Masonry Center is excited to present a check to the BCASWI scholarship program from the funds raised by Dixon. Thank you!
- Shiloh , ID 10/3/2018

Great people representing Dixon Golf...gave our tournament an extra benefit. Thanks for all the Dixon reps!
- Mark M, AL 10/3/2018

Honestly we couldn't be more happy with Dixon Golf. We are a very small tournament (48) golfers and that's for a reason. Our story is very personal, all of the golfers are good friends and family. When I was approached by Dixon I really didn't know what to expect, but after having Dixon they became part of our "family" Dixon will always be welcomed back. Thank you- Todd Calfee from the alexis PROJECT
- Todd Calfee c, NE 10/2/2018

Great job as usual, have used you for my last 7 tournaments and always outstanding job, Thanks Jim
- Jim S, VA 10/2/2018

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