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You can view your order history by selecting the Order History link found under the "My Account" section at the bottom of every page. You may also visit it clicking this link.

An order number is assigned to each order as a seven digit number, for example 4007777. Your orders are listed by their order numbers under the Order History link, found under the “My Account” section at the bottom of every page. Your seven digit order number can also be found in the confirmation email you received upon placing your order.

You can visit your order history by selecting Order History, found under the “My Account” section at the bottom of every page. There you will find a list of your previous orders, simply click on an order to view its status. Processing: Your order is still being accepted, but has not shipped. This is usually due to the timing between ordering and packing. If this status is displayed multiple business days it may be due to approval of the order or order process. If you suspect your order has not been processed correctly after two business days please use the contact us page to notify us. Processed: Your order has been accepted and is either currently being packed or has been sent out. You will receive a tracking number via email. Canceled: Your order has been cancelled, either by request or our systems detected an issue. Cancelled orders that are charged are automatically refunded. If your order continually is cancelled please refer to your bank. Refunded: Your order has been cancelled and has been refunded. It will take a few business days to process the actual refund. Please let us know if your cancelled order has not been refunded after one week using the contact us page.

Yes we do ship internationally to Canada, Mexico, UK, and Australia. We are also able to ship to other countries so if you do not find your country as an option please use the contact us page to request we add it as an option.

How do I submit a return? 1. Login to your Dixon Golf account. A user must be logged in to view their Order History. 2. Next click on Order History link, found under the “My Account” section at the bottom of each page. A user must be logged in to return an item. 3. Select the order you would like to have returned or exchanged. 4. Our system will then determine what method is possible with a few questions. The normal method includes a refund of the value of the product that can be used toward another product of your choosing. 5. A shipping label will be provided to you for print. *To avoid being charged for the product, please make sure the product is returned in new condition.

To reset your password, simply select the My Account Settlings link, found under the “My Account” section at the bottom of every page. Then select "Forgot Password?" below the password entry. You will then be guided through setting up a new password. Access to email of the account is required.

Yes, a tracking email is sent once your packages label has been printed. Please note that it may be some time between when your package label prints and when the package ships.

You can also visit the Contact Us link, found under the “Company Information” section at the bottom of every page. Please include the specific products you are interested in and the quantity. A Dixon Representative will get back to you within 48 business hrs.

Yes, all products require a minimum order quantity.

We have a very generous return/exchange policy. To see a comprehensive overview of Return/Exchange Policy, please select the RETURN POLICY link, found under the “My Account” section at the bottom of every page.


Our golf ball is weighted with an earth salt core as opposed to heavy toxic metals (tungsten, lead titanium etc) that can be found in other balls. Our golf balls conform to all regulations and is PGA approved.

Yes, all of our golf balls are recyclable. You can learn more by visiting our GREENOVATIONS page, found under the “Community” section at the top of every page.

No, our golf balls are not biodegradable, but are eco-friendly from core to cover.

Dixon Golf balls feature an earth salt GreenCore™ with a polyurethane coated outer layer. Each ball contains a different density of organic polymers that allow the ball to be repurposed after the life of the ball. In addition, all Dixon Golf golf ball packaging is made from recycled SEC Certified Bond paper.

Each and every one of Dixon Golf products contains an eco-friendly attribute. As a bonus, certain products align with our Trees Beyond The Green Program and thus the purchase of a Dixon product will result in a tree planting.

No, our golf balls are not biodegradable and thus not approved or encouraged for hitting into the ocean.

Visit the “Request Donation” link, found under the “Community” section at the top of every page. Please fill out the donation form with all of your upcoming event information. A Dixon Representative will then reach out to you.

You can visit the link to our PRIVACY POLICY at the bottom of every page.

Please visit where you can search through our job offerings.


You can select to redeem your REWARD POINTS during purchase in our online cart system. You gain reward points by making online purchases and they do not expire. The value of the points is in the currency used.

Promo codes are entered in the checkout process. Select the "cart" image in the upper right hand corner to see a snapshot of your order. Click on the black box that states VIEW CART to view a full page. There you will find a dropdown button called "Use Promo Code". Type in the code exactly as it is shown on the certificate or image you received and select "Apply Promo Code". If your coupon was sucessfully applied it will list the discount in the shopping cart. If your coupon was rejected it may have been for a number of reasons, check the following below: 1. The promo code is not valid on the product you are purchasing. For example, entering a golf ball promo code to purchase a polo. Promo codes are product or specialty sale specific and cannot be combined. 2. The coupon code has expired. Some promo codes have a set date limit and, if expired, cannot be used. If you received an expired promo code physically at an event, please report it using our “Contact Us” page. 3. The promo code was typed incorrectly into our system. Please type the code exactly as it is shown as our promo codes are case sensitive. 4. The promo needs to be redeemed on a different page. Some promo codes we distribute can only be used on very specific pages and this includes prize redemptions and gift cards. Please follow the instructions on the flyer or certificate you received to find the correct link to submit the code. 5. The promo code was illegitimate. A promo code can be falsely spread without our knowledge, please report the code by using our CONTACT US page so we can immediately reject the code and let other customers know.

We do not accept multiple codes in one order. Only one promo code/order is accepted.

Please visit where you can submit all the info required to receive your amateur endorsement package and year of Amateur status.

Nizzard redemptions were discontinued 1/1/2023.

No, please visit to visit the redemption site where you can submit your info.

As of 1/1/2023 gift cards will arrive to you already activated.

To redeem your magazine subscription, you must visit and fill out all the information. A unique code is located on the certificate you received on the golf course so you will need this in-hand to successfully submit your request.

It takes approximately 10-12 weeks until you receive your first issue.

You must visit and complete the redemption process. Our system will recognize your current subscription and automatically renew your magazine.