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Wind Golf Balls

(12 Reviews )

The Wind is the World Record Holder for Flight Speed off the Tee at 235.1 MPH. It features a 428 Monster dimple pattern for unlimited distance and well as a resilient Eco-Cover for maximum durability. PGA Tour Approved. Confirms with USGA and R&A Rules.

The Dixon Wind golf ball can be used by golfers of all different swing speeds. The Wind allows the golfer with slower swing speeds to experience extra length off the drive and with their irons.
The Dixon Wind golf ball has medium level trajectory and is suitable for most golfers.
The Wind has a firm compression of 110 that feels hard on the clubface, yet produces maximum distance. The 428 Monster™ dimple pattern fuels aerodynamic capability. This allows for a straighter drive, more accurate iron play and durability.
The Wind features a low spin, providing an assertive approach to the green.
(12 Reviews )
John McKinney
2018-11-18 11:53:53

I use the Wind balls. Great balls. Had helped me lower my 20+ handicap. TRY THEM

Bob Y
2018-09-10 06:42:49

Great ball I have played the "wind" for 20 rounds and have scored in the 80s in 13 of these rounds and my handicap has dropped from 19 to 17 and is trending lower

Linda C
2018-06-22 13:27:26

First introduced to Dixon at a charity golf tournament. Rep was sitting on a long P3 water hole that I had never gotten over before. So I thought "free ball don't care if I lose it". Ball left straight and high and for the first time I ever I hit the green. Been a Dixon fan ever since and regularly give them to friends to try. Customer service always takes good care of me too! Thanks!

2016-11-09 15:14:31

Good ball went far and straight!

George G.
2016-10-31 15:13:49

A great golf ball with tremendous distance and serious durability...I think I found my new go to ball!

Danny L.
2016-10-27 15:23:27

I've only played once with them, but during that round they performed as advertised. I liked the ball for the distance and control they provided!

d. john
2016-08-29 11:04:04

great ball for control and distance for my 18 handicap

2016-08-29 11:03:10

Good ball it went straight and long

2015-01-14 13:17:40

As good a golf ball that I have played.

2015-01-14 12:44:16

Great ball for distance & it!

2015-01-14 12:24:59

Awesome ball. Reacted well to my club face.

Christie Hans
2015-01-09 14:13:18

I gave a pack to my Dad for Christmas, he loves the WIND balls and has only lost 1 ball so far! I know what to get him every year now.


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