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Reduce from core to cover

300 Million golf balls are discarded in the U.S. each year. Often these golf balls, which can be comprised of cheap heavy metal fillers, find homes in landfills and aquifers. Since its induction, Dixon Golf balls have featured a core that is compounded of heavy earth salts as opposed to heavy metal fillers. Our mission is to reduce the number of these hazardous golf balls in circulation. Moreover, we encourage the responsible disposal of these golf balls through reuse applications and recycling processes that better utilizes materials versus creating more waste.

Reuse golf balls both on and off the green

Dixon donates thousands of used golf balls to a renowned youth development program called First Tee that enables the younger generation to learn the game of golf and its inherent values. In addition, Dixon Golf partners with Treasures for Teachers on education programs that encourage the use of golf balls in both science and art projects. While recycling is crucial to reducing waste, it is the last step if reduction and reuse are not an option.

Recycle the first 100% high performance eco-friendly ball

When golf balls are unable to reused on or off the course, there is still an eco-friendly practice to take place. Due to the make-up of the ball, Dixon is able to partner with recycling centers that break down the contents of the ball to be used for asphault and concrete material, sport fields, athletic tracks and playground equipment along with other rubber and polymer applications. Essentially, the make-up of our golf ball leads to greater breakdown and zero waste.