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What are they saying?

Thanks for everything. Everyone had a great experience!!
- Daniel M, MA 11/26/2021

Great bunch of folks to work with.
- Steve Adams h, TX 11/24/2021

It was a pleasure working with you guys! I got only positive feedback from the golfers! Thank you so much for being a part of our tournament!
- Angela R, CA 11/23/2021

Thank you for your support in making the AzLTA golf tournament a success! Looking forward to working with Dixon again! Karin, VP Operations & Industry Relations, AzLTA
- Karin J, AZ 11/22/2021

Thank you very much. We have scheduled our next golf tournament for November 9, 2022. We would like to invite you back again. Jim Jack
- Jim J, CA 11/22/2021

Stan Beard was a pleasure to work with !
- James B, OK 11/22/2021

All went very well...except the check payee was a bit incorrect. The check was made out to "KOC Council 106668", but should have been made out to "K of C Council 10668" (you had one too many 6's). We will try to cash it as is.
- Ron S, SC 11/20/2021

Thank you for coming out! Our golfers loved your contests. The representatives were very nice and friendly!
- Megan , MO 11/18/2021

Joe was excellent and a pleasure to work with. He added value and entertainment to the tournament and was very fun and professional. Dixon golf was a great sponsor and partner and I look toward to working with them again in the future
- Derek T, PA 11/16/2021

It's been a pleasure working with you!
- Jennifer P, TX 11/9/2021

Dixon golf has been with us since we began have the tournament. We plan on having them with us for the long haul. Summer is a joy to work with. Woody Williams
- Woody W, TX 11/8/2021

We were very pleased & thankful to have Tyrone available for the Dixon Challenge this year. My hopes are to be able to have both challenges next year.
- Rebecca S, GA 11/8/2021

Your staff were friendly courteous and professional, I will definitely have them at my next tournament. Thank you for being a part of our success!
- Rudy M, CA 11/6/2021

Looking forward to having y’all apart of our tournament next year.
- Brent N, SC 11/6/2021

We have had Dixon at our event each year and they are always professional and helpful.
- Beverly D, FL 11/3/2021

Your reps were great to work with and the golfers enjoyed the challenges. If we have the tournament again next year I definitely want Dixon to be there. Noreen Davis, Vero Beach, FL
- Noreen D, FL 11/3/2021

Thanks great job. Next event in New ORleans, LA on 10/12/22 12 - 6 PM EST. Location TBD.
- John M, CO 10/27/2021

Wonderful people from Dixon and very easy to work & communicate with. We will have Dixon back next year and hopefully many more in the future. Thank you Heather Hensley and your team! Keith Murphy Meyer Najem Construction
- Keith M, IN 10/26/2021

Super partnership!!! Can’t wait to do it again.
- Derrick W, CA 10/26/2021

Dallas Burchette was very engaging before and during our golf tournament. I appreciate his and Dixon Golf’s support of our event.
- dean s, KY 10/19/2021

As always it worked out well and was fun for the golfers. we had a smaller turnout due to the short lead time and weather but we will be back on schedule for June of 2022. Look forward to working with you then.
- Ted C, CA 10/19/2021

Wendy Wisner is amazing! She always has a helping attitude and extremely supportive of our events. We love working with her!
- Dave A, VA 10/19/2021

Mitch does a excellent job every year! Thank you for the support!
- Beau M, CA 10/19/2021

I have had Dixon at my last 4 tournaments and they have always been professional, great to work with and helped us raise a bunch of money
- Jem , FL 10/19/2021

Karen Kelly does an outstanding job. She is a pleasure to work with. Dixon should be very happy to have her as their representative. I look forward to working with her in 2022. Thank you!
- Lil H, FL 10/16/2021

Thank you for helping us by supporting our scholarship fund!
- Alex S, OK 10/15/2021

Melanie is amazing! She represented Dixon in a professional manner and made the decision to bring Dixon to our event very easy. Great communication. Melanie is an asset to your company and an overall wonderful person
- Matthew D, CT 10/13/2021

This was our first time of including Dixon Golf in our tournament. We will be inviting them back next year!
- Kathy R, MO 10/12/2021

Everyone seemed to loved the Aurelius Challenge. The personalized golf balls that we ordered were a nice touch for our sponsors as well.
- Tiffany T, MD 10/12/2021

Your staff is amazing and we look forward to having them at every event Thank you for joining our tournaments Lisa Adams
- Lisa A, CA 10/9/2021

We had a great experience with Dixon Golf! We look forward to working more closely as we prepare for next year's tournament. This year we put the tournament together in 3 months - next year will be better organized and now that we know the layout we'll find a hole that is more friendly to a par 3 challenge!
- John G, ID 10/8/2021

Joyce is extremely accommodating, and working with me it's saying a lot. I'm not good at returning calls or keeping Joyce up to date, but she takes everything in stride and on the day of the tournament, She provides everything she says she will. We look forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.
- Jim M, MD 10/6/2021

Bruce and Princess did a fantastic job! I look forward to having them next year!
- Pam D, IA 10/6/2021

Always a pleasure working with Dixon Golf !!!
- Chad E, NY 10/6/2021

I love working with Dixon golf, they are extremely easy to work with and add a lot of value to the event.
- Bill L, CO 10/5/2021

The only thing is that we did not get the winning ticket for the Aurelius Driver. Can we get it donated for an auction coming up?
- Harry S, AZ 10/5/2021

Thank you so much to Dixon Golf and your representatives for sponsoring our tournament and providing such fun challenges at two holes! We also ordered Dixon Golf balls with the funds raised from our golf ball sponsor and she was very happy with her company logo on the balls. One of our participants won an opportunity to participate in the "Fiesta Bowl Challenge" by hitting a hole-in-one and he was so excited. One of your representatives on the par 3 hole spent some time working with a beginner golfer who was out for the first time. His tips really improved her being able to drive the ball straight and farther than earlier in the day. Hats off to Dixon Golf for the work that you do and for helping us raise funds for student scholarships! David Church, Tournament Director
- David C, MO 10/5/2021

We have been using Dixon to enhance the FUN for the Golfers now for several years, and after a few the Golfers look forward to these games. One in particular won the Custom Club or the $500 watch and was ecstatic and shared the excitement. Also, the extra money added to our Charity is the best part. Thank you Dixon!
- Ray S, NJ 10/5/2021

Dixon Golf has been so easy to work with over the years. Very professional, friendly and I would recommend them to any tournament. Keep up the good work and thanks!! Kevin C. King WSA Soccer Club, Sand Springs OK
- Kevin K, OK 10/5/2021

Everything went smoothly and it was a nice addition to our outing
- Jerry M, PA 9/29/2021

The staff at the tournament were fantastic. Everyone had a great time.
- Shannon M, SC 9/28/2021

Received many positive comments from participants. Ben was an asset. Will do this Dixon event at our charity event in 2022.
- Cindy R, AZ 9/23/2021

Thanks to Dixon Golf, our Golf Tournaments have much more to offer our golfers. They love the Challenges and the Prizes! Thank you.
- Cathy C, FL 9/23/2021

Thank you again. see you next year!
- Ray Y, TX 9/21/2021

This was our first experience with Dixon Golf and we loved it! You guys gave more life to the Tournament!! If i hear about any tournaments going on. i will give them your name and number. See you next year
- Kye W, TX 9/21/2021

Troy and the Dixon team did a great job on the course. Lots of fun and good money made for a great charitable cause. Thx!
- Dan F, VA 9/20/2021

Always kept in touch and very professional
- Georgeann R, MI 9/20/2021

Dixon sports was amazing … E4L will surely have Dixon golf on our fundraiser golf tournaments moving forward.
- Derrick T, GA 9/20/2021

The golf representatives were great! Very energetic with great communication leading up to and during the event! Thank you for helping to make the 15th Annual Todd Nagel Open a success!
- Linda N, MN 9/20/2021

You guys were Going AWESOME and looking forward to next year!!!!!!
- Doug G, OK 9/7/2021