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Charity Golf Events

Dixon was a great addition to our golf outing. The representatives were on time, very professional, and understood their role and were able to engage our golfers in a warm and fun way. Thank you Dixon! We definitely desire to have you back next year!
- Richard B, WI 9/28/2023

Very easy and flexible to work with. Lots of communication. Bringing added fun to the event.
- Rich M, NE 9/27/2023

Summer and her Dixion Golf Team are amazing! I have worked with Summer for 7+ tournaments and Dixion Golf has been a great addition to all my tournaments and has increased how much we raise for charity each year. I look forward to working with her again next year. ~Alex Z.
- Alex Z, CO 9/27/2023

A great way to increase fundraising at an event while looking professional and not adding any tasks to the tournament. Thanks, Lowell
- Lowell P, NV 9/27/2023

Every aspect was well communicated and very professional. Well Done!
- Bill C, CA 9/26/2023

Very well done and easy to manage.
- Chris C, OH 9/26/2023

Myranda Lindsay is amazing! She made it all so easy and explained everything and was very patient with me. I hope she will be our representative every year!
- Kelly P, AL 9/26/2023

I didn't have much time to spend at Dixon hole, but everyone seemed to have great time and I appreciate having as a part of our event. Yes, we will definitely invite Dixon to join us again next year.
- Merlin L, UT 9/26/2023

Everything went smooth. Lots of good communication. We will definitely use them again and again.
- Tracey G, CA 9/20/2023

Penny and Debbie were awesome. Thank you!
- Carmen P, NJ 9/19/2023

Your rep was fantastic! We couldn't be happier with her efforts and the next level she brought to our golfers and our tournament. Expect another call in 2024!
- Ken C, ND 9/19/2023

Summer is awesome to work with. We appreciate all of her efforts
- Mike F, CO 9/18/2023

I loved working with Dixon Golf, they were very accommodating with setting up the website for our charity event and the representatives were very good at the tournament. I will definitely be using Dixon Golf for our next golf tournament!
- Brett P, KS 9/12/2023

Dixon Golf representatives were great and had great interactions with our players!
- Pete C, OK 9/7/2023

Cameron was great! The golfers enjoyed the games on the course - We'll definitely work with Dixon again!
- Jennifer H, PA 9/6/2023

Dixon Golf has been a part of our event for the past 7 years and as made our event a top notch event. They add exciment and challenges for the participants. We hope to have them back every year Coach Danny
- Danny B, MO 9/6/2023

The Dixon Golf team is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with!
- Jo B, HI 9/5/2023

The Dixon rep made it easy for our fund raiser and our volunteers.
- Vernon R, OK 9/5/2023

We had a great experience with using Dixon Golf for the first time. We’re looking forward to working with you next year.
- Scott A, OR 9/5/2023

Excellent professionalism and enthusiastic entertainment that each golf group enjoyed! Wonderful event!
- Sam D, OH 8/29/2023

It was our first time using Dixon golf to work our golf tournament and we will use Dixon again next year!
- David C, AZ 8/29/2023

Michael was an awesome person to work with and hope to have him next year from Dixon! Thank you!
- Erin T, CT 8/29/2023

You have been a fixture at our event for years and have always been professional and gracious. We appreciate everything you do for us. One of these year I'll get around to using your sponsorship site. See you again next year.
- Mark M, PA 8/29/2023

Dixon Golf is always a hit at our annual golf event. Participants enjoy the prizes, challenges, and the representatives. Troy is wonderful to work with every time!
- Jessica J, VA 8/21/2023

We sure appreciate the partnership!
- Mallory P, OR 8/21/2023

The communication leading up to the tourney was excellent. The crew working the tourney did a remarkable job. The golfers enjoyed the challenges.
- Ben L, OR 8/21/2023

Again, the representatives were professional and classy. The players loved them.
- Kent H, IN 8/16/2023

Very professional and explained everything very clearly!
- Mike W, OH 8/15/2023

Always an excellent job. So nice to see Heather at this years outing.. Dixon Golf has been with us for many years.
- Mike L, IN 8/15/2023

The professional presentation was wonderful. Always smiling and positive. Taking control handling all the set up and breakdown was perfect. I will certainly reach out again and certainly recommend Dixon Golf in the future. Thank you so much...Sue Moore
- Sue M, IN 8/15/2023

The reps made it so easy. They were polite, kind and fun.
- Chris B, MN 8/15/2023

The representative was lovely, very professional and we enjoyed having Dixon at our event.
- Debra S, NJ 8/10/2023

We really enjoyed working with Myranda and her team. They were very nice and their interaction with the golfers was very professional. The golfers seemed to enjoy the games and prizes that were offered.
- Selena D, MS 8/8/2023

Our two reps are just the best, but please do not tell them I said that! And please do not send us anyone but those two jokers! Great guys!
- Dennis S, OH 8/8/2023

I was so impressed with the help that Dixon provided with our tournament. I am looking forward to doing it even better next year. Thank you!
- Christopher C, KS 8/7/2023

Great experience for our golfers the ladies were super nice and pleasant. We appreciate your participation.
- Jim Walker x, MO 8/7/2023

Jim was excellent and we loved having Dixon golf be apart of our event.
- TJ T, OH 8/7/2023

Dixon Golf did a great job working my golf outing and made my club a lot of money. We greatly appreciate you all and hope to have you back again next year.
- Justin S, MI 8/7/2023

This was our Foundations initial tournament!!! Your efforts made our tournament a success! Players enjoyed the games, gifts and prizes!!!!
- Mike W, DC 8/7/2023

Mike and Dean were so wonderful! Knowledgeable on the games. Heather is also awesome and has been super helpful throughout the entire process.
- Abby S, MO 7/26/2023

The gals from Dixon were very friendly, on time, and engaged all of the golfers to play and have fun.
- Marti C, CO 7/25/2023

Summer is always a pleasure to work with - detailed and doesn't miss a follow up. And Judy was lovely to have at the event - fun and engaging!!!
- Chrysti R. B, CO 7/25/2023

Our organization is all volunteers, so to have Dixon out and manning their stations was a big help. Their prizes were great and it kept the pace of play up.
- Dan T, CA 7/20/2023

We truly enjoyed the energy Dixon Golf brought to our tournament! We had dozens of other golf company's reach out but we felt pulled to Dixon- and we are SO glad! Can't wait to have you all back next year :)
- Mikayla B, NC 7/19/2023

Our rep was very pleasant and having Dixon out there really helped us spice up the course. Thanks!
- Rebecca G, OR 7/18/2023

The rep did a fantastic job and was so nice. We will for sure want Dixon Golf at our next tournament.
- April H, MS 7/12/2023

We so enjoy having Dixon Golf at our event. The representatives are professional and fun for our golfers. We appreciate the opportunity to earn some additional $$ for the event. The last 2 years we have purchased logo'd golf balls from Dixon -- a huge hit with our golfers and great customer service!
- Stacy K, IA 7/11/2023

Smooth and great success as always!
- Jessica W, OH 7/10/2023

Lindsey and Sara were outstanding. We received many positive comments on their friendly attitude, explanation of games, and treatment of the players. We will definitely be in contact with you for next year’s tournament. Thanks for your support of this worthwhile tourney supporting homeless Veterans
- John G, FL 7/8/2023

Our members had a great time! Thank you again...looking forward to having you back next year.
- Danielle K, IA 7/7/2023