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Charity Golf Events

This is our 2nd year working with Dixon Golf and very satisfied with every aspect of support for our annual golf tournament. Ron Sharpe, Executive Director, The Arc of the Bay
- Ron S, FL 3/16/2023

We appreciate everything you’ve done for our tournament. We are building our tournament each year just a few more golfers will make it respectable , so thanks again, Kenny Bingham tournament director
- Kenny B, SC 3/7/2023

Thrilled with the support! Our golfers had a great day even in the cold and rainy conditions! We look forward to working Dixon again.
- Mark S, CA 3/7/2023

Karen is the best!! She is so helpful and is proactive on reaching out several times a year before our event to make sure everything is set. She also comes prepared with everything she needs for our event. She is a true professional! See you next year!!
- John C, FL 2/22/2023

FYI: Our 15th Annual RFC Golf Tournament will be on November 8, 2023 at MMGC in Pomona, CA once again. I would like to book Dixon Golf to once again bring all the same activities to our 2023 fundraiser. Please consider this invitation as my request to be there. Thank you very much. Jim Jack
- Jim J, CA 11/22/2022

Great experience. Sad one rep could not be with us.
- Samuel L, TX 11/17/2022

Mrs. Myranda and Rebekah were amazing at the event. Mrs. Myranda was awesome leading up to the event with her communication and attention to detail. She was very helpful during the whole process.
- Michael G, MS 11/16/2022

Your representative at our tournament was there early and was very friendly and professional. Please thank him again….
- Bill B, ME 11/15/2022

Always a very pleasant experience, & we enjoy having Dixon Golf at our Tournament! See ya next year!!
- RL M, FL 11/14/2022

Awesome experience for our first golf tourney! Expecting to double everything next year!
- Eli B, NV 11/14/2022

Mark and Stan were great to work with as usual. Thanks for all your team does to help our local fund raiser.
- Vernon R, OK 11/9/2022

Awesome team, very good about communicating with events and participation.
- J, MO 11/8/2022

Dixon Golf was fabulous Justin, Myranda and Rebekah did everything we asked and more. Our logo golf balls were great. Everyone enjoyed the games and had a great time.. Your team at Dixon Golf is the best. Thank you.
- Susan T, TX 11/2/2022

Mark, Bruce and Susan were all extremely professional and added a much needed level of fun to our Tournament. The Aurelius Challenge (Par 5 Driving Challenge I believe) was a big hit for the participants. I know a lot of people had fun with this game. The Dixon Challenge was fun, but it was hard to compete with the Aurelius Challenge. Dixon Golf will most definitely be at next years tournament. Thank you for the help this year!
- Sergeant Joushua R. S, KS 10/30/2022

I had a lot of fun at the golf tournament! I appreciate all the help from Tyrone with assisting this tournament.
- Chris H, GA 10/24/2022

The rep was on time and did a tremendous job for our tournament. It is always a pleasure to have Dixon onboard with us! We had a hole- in-one on a different Par 3! Hopefully we can have more than one Dixon Par 3 next year! Thank you so much!
- Leroy W, NV 10/24/2022

Chris, you were terrific to work with us. I look forward in working with Dixon Golf next year, Jamie Savant
- Jamie S, CA 10/24/2022

Thank you, Jim Smallwood & Anthony, (the day of!) for everything!! These two are ROCKSTARS!
- Jennifer K, OH 10/19/2022

Thank you Mitch and Dixon for your help making our tournament another success! RT
- Randy T, CA 10/18/2022

We worked with Mel De Gagné and she was absolutely amazing. Communication was always there with Mel. She explained everything and offered realistic and positive feedback. We look forward to working with Dixon golf, especially with Mel in the future. Thanks for always making our outings less stressful. -Dan
- Dan O, NY 10/17/2022

The events were well explained. Our contact was constantly available when needed. Thank You
- David A, CA 10/17/2022

Dixon did great for our tournament, and I appreciated their up front communications and support all the way through.
- Wyatt D, UT 10/17/2022

Dixon Golf helped make the tournament successful. Looking forward to next year.
- Abron Y, TX 10/17/2022

This is the second time I have had Dixon golf at my outing. Mel is great to work with Kelly and Andrew were great at the outing they help raise a lot of money for our cause. I would like to thank Mel Andrew and Kelly for their help. I am looking forward to having Dixon Golf back every year.
- Chad W, NY 10/17/2022

Troy Unger was outstanding and absolutely great to work with. He always made himself available, answered all our questions and went the extra mile to make sure we got everything we needed. We look forward to working with Troy in the future!! This event broke all previous records for attendance, prizes and funds generated for scholarships for our youth. Thanks Stan Nelson
- Stanley N, SC 10/17/2022

I have worked with Karen Kelly for a few years now with our charity tournament. She does a wonderful job from start to finish. Professional and a pleasure to work with! Thank you!
- Lil H, FL 10/17/2022

Everything was amazing with Dixon Golf.
- Derrick T, GA 10/17/2022

It's always a pleasure working with Mel De Gagne. She is very professional and always reaching out to see what she can do to help make the tournament better. I look forward to working with her and Dixon Golf in the years to come.
- John F, NY 10/17/2022

I always enjoy when Dixon comes out to our tournament.
- Harry B, IL 10/12/2022

Myranda was amazing in pretty much every way. The Aurelius Challenge was a great addition to our tournament and we will definitely have Dixon back next year!
- Shane W, MS 10/11/2022

Already recommended you to another tournament I am on the committee for.
- Shannon , FL 10/11/2022

Appreciate you being part of our golf fundraiser! Always good to have fun events on the course. And we really appreciate the revenue share!
- Lisa O, CA 10/10/2022

Your folks did an amazing job. Both Mike and Tyrone were fabulous. Both were engaged with the golfers and clearly everyone had a blast. You guys are great!!
- Mike G, GA 10/10/2022

You folks were all very good to deal with start to finish. To anyone who is having a tournament I would highly recommend using your organization. Dixon was helpful the whole way and helped us to achieve a successful tournament.
- Don G, PA 10/10/2022

It is always a pleasure to have Dixon Golf at our outings. They are well received by our golfers and they offer fun activities without being "high" pressure salespeople. As long as they want to keep coming back, we will welcome them every year. Heather is such a wonderful representative for Dixon Golf. Keep up the great work Dixon Golf!!
- Keith M, IN 10/10/2022

We had a great experience working with Dixon! Our golfers enjoyed the challenge and it helped support our charity. We are looking forward to working with Dixon again!
- Jenna D, IL 10/10/2022

it worked great for us, next year we hope to get your more involved and have multiple games on the course. Thank you.
- Rick G, MD 10/10/2022

Ralph was awesome, very friendly and did a great job. I think this may be one of our best years yet with Dixon!
- Kaley J, TX 10/4/2022

Very easy to work with. Although one of the hole attendees did not show up, I think it was a great turnout. We are excited to work with you in the future
- Melissa , IA 10/3/2022

Loved everything about Dixon golf being that and will definitely have your company at next years tournament!
- Dawn C, MA 10/3/2022

Always friendly and easy to work with. We appreciate their support and help.
- Sherald D, IL 9/27/2022

Dixon Golf has been an amazing partner and a huge addition to our tournament. Both ladies at the event were extremely friendly and very professional. It was a huge success all around. Thank you for your sponsorship
- Derek T, PA 9/26/2022

We love Terry!
- Courtney M, CA 9/26/2022

This was my 3rd year working with John Johnson and Dixon golf have always been very helpful. The golfers that have attended the past 3 events always come back with positive comments and always enjoy the challenges.
- Mark M, GA 9/26/2022

Outstanding customer service and professionalism when speaking with all golfers and celebrities. We look forward to next year participation with Dixon Golf.
- Terry B, VA 9/26/2022

Very polite and professional
- Nicky G, AR 9/26/2022

It's always a pleasure to work with Terry!
- Ilima E, CA 9/26/2022

Thank you for coming; we had great feedback!
- Bethany A. D, OR 9/22/2022

Great crew. fun events for our participants. logoed golf balls look great. Joe Gonzales did a great job in all phases for the Boise State Hockey Golf Scramble Thank you.
- Vince Z, ID 9/21/2022

Dixon Golf was very helpful. This was our first outing and their help was greatly appreciated. We will definitely be utilizing them and more of their services next year.
- Kim S, PA 9/20/2022